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English track

This is an overview over the different parts of the conference which will be in English or translated into English. Altogether all plenary sessions, 6 sub-plenary sessions and 5 workshops will go in English or be translated.

Tuesday - 26 August

Time Description
18.30 Nidarosdomen Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace: Mini Concert. \\ Reception: Ilona Kickbusch: The Ottawa Charter - the inside story (popular lecture)

Wednesday - 27 August - WHAT

Time Description
08.30 Registration
09:30 Plenary 1: Nordic societies for health and well-being.
Chair of the program committee, Ole Trygve Stigen: Welcome address: Ambitions for the 11th Nordic health promotion conference.
Challenges in health promotion
Executive Director, The Norwegian Directorate of Health, Knut-Inge Klepp.
County Governor Jørn Aksel Krog, Fylkesmannen i Sør-Trøndelag
Mayor in the Municipality of Malvik Terje Bremnes Granmo.
Pekka Puska and Bosse Pettersson, editorial committee: An introduction to The Trondheim Statement
11:00 Break Coffee/tea
11:30 Plenary 1 (cont.): Prof. Illona Kickbusch: Challenges and possibilities for implementing health in all policies
Camilla Stoltenberg, Director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Public Health Challenges in a Nordic perspective
13:00 Lunch and Poster Session
14:30 Sub Plenary Session 1,3 or 5
- 1) Non Communicable Diseases, risk factors and determinants
- 3) Schools for health and well-being
- 5) Health inequalities and Social determinants of Health
15:30 Break
16:00 Workshop g or h
- g) Living conditions and health
- h) Sustainable diets - promoting public health while protecting the environment
18:00 End
18:15 Reception

Thursday – 28 August - HOW

Time Description
08:00 Open Workshop: The Trondheim Statement
08:30 Plenary II: Nordic health promotion policies, Nordic Director Generals of Health debate
09:30 Break
10:00 Sub Plenary Session 6 or 9
- 6) Public Health Legislation and intersectoral action at local level
- 9) Building evidence in Public Health
10:50 Break
11:10 Sub Plenary Session 12
- 12) Developing Healthy Neighborhoods – resilient communities and supportive environments (translated)
12:00 Lunch and Poster Session
13:30 Workshop o or u
- o) Tools for public health data and analysis at local level
- u) Health Promoting Schools (translated)
15:00 Study Tours and side events
19:00 Conference party

Friday – 29 August – WHAT NOW

Time Description
09:00 Plenary III: The future of public health Director General WHO-euro, Zsuzanna Jakab:
Health 2020: policy framework and strategy
Minister of Health, Bent Høie:
Health promotion and the way forward
Public health workers of tomorrow:
Our message of the future
10:15 Break
10:45 Professor Sir Michael Marmot, UCL Institute of Health Equity:
Nordic societies for equity, health and well-being – lets make a difference
Bosse Petterson og Pekka Puska:
The Trondheim Statement
Chair of the program committee, Ole Trygve Stigen:
Nordic cooperation and joint forces
The Health and Care Mayor of Copenhagen, Ninna Thomsen:
Nordic municipalities can take a lead
13:00 Lunch

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