Programme at a glance

Nordic Societies for Health and Well-being

Tuesday - 26 August

18.00 Reception: Nidarosdomen Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace:
- Mini Concert
- Ilona Kickbusch, Popular lecture: The Ottawa Charter - the inside story and….

Wednesday - 27 August - WHAT

08.30: Registration

09:30: Opening Session: Welcome address and opening of the conference

11:00: Break Coffee/tea

11:30: Plenary session 1: The Trondheim Statement, Challenges in Health promotion, Key Note x2

13:00: Lunch and Poster Session

14:30: Sub Plenary Sessions: Nordic challenges:
- Sustainable development and public health
- Health inequalities and Social determinants of Health
- Non Communicable Diseases, risk factors and determinants
- Public health challenges in a life course perspective
- Well-Being and Mental Health

15:30: Break

16:00: Workshops
* a) The Trondheim Statement
* b) Living conditions and health
* c) Sami Health
* d) Migration and public health
* e) Alcohol and Drug Abuse
* f) Health promoting Neighborhoods
* g) Food and nutrition
* h) Social networks and support
* i) Tobacco
* j) Sexual health
* k) Paper session

19:00: Reception

Thursday – 28 August - HOW

08:00: Open Workshop: The Trondheim Statement
08:30: Plenary session 2: Nordic public health and Health promotion Policies, Nordic Director Generals of Health debate
09:30: Break
10:00: Sub Plenary Sessions:
* 6) Public Health Legislation and intersectoral action at local level
* 7) Tackling Health inequalities and action on Social determinant of health, regional and local level
* 8) Evidence and education in Public Health – collaboration beyond the era of Nordic school of public health
* 9) Reorientation of health services - prevention

10:50: Break

11:10: Sub Plenary Sessions
* 10) Local action and interventions for public health improvement
* 11) Developing Healthy Neighborhoods – resilient communities and supportive environments
* 12) Building Evidence and Knowledge for Equity and Public health (Eng)
* 13) Healthy Schools and Kindergartens

12:00: Lunch and Poster Session

13:30: Workshops
* l) The Trondheim Statement
* m) Health promoting communities
* n) Tools for public health data and analysis at local level
* o) Spatial planning for health promotion
* p) Early intervention
* q) Health inequalities – local policy development
* r) Partnering with the voluntary sector
* s) Innovation and partnering with private sector at local level
* t) Health impact assessment
* u) Paper session

15:00: Study Tours and side events

17:00: Study tours finished

19:00: Conference party

Friday – 29 August – WHAT NOW

09:00: Plenary Session 3 The Nordic Countries and Europe – future challenges Key note x2

10:15: Break

10:45: The way forward, launch of the Trondheim statement and closing ceremony

13:00: Lunch

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